LED Lighting Upgrade

"Want to make your car more attractive? Want footwell lights? Want door downlights? Want an LED strip on your interior? Speak to TJ mods to see how we can help."

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LED Lighting Upgrade

"Ambient lights are one of the best ways to improve the look of your car. Whether you want an LED strip across the top corners of your interior to make it look more premium, or to light up your footwells when you open the car. Or even to have custom downlights in your door. Whatever you need, we can do it.
Don’t settle for less, just because some cars have ambient light factory fitted."


roof stylighting


"Want to bring the stars to you but don’t have a sunroof? The star light is the perfect ambient lighting add-on to make your car look stunning.
Light up the ceiling of your car with stars with our roof star light. Not factory fitted on many cars, this is the perfect upgrade to add a bit of class and romance to your vehicle. Stand out from the crowd with a ceiling that will impress.
We have a selection of colours available to suit any size of ceiling. Use your mobile app to turn the star lighting on and off and impress your passengers.
Speak to us to find out about having a star light fitted to your car."

ambient lighting


"Want to take your car to the next level in terms of classiness? Get a TJ Mods ambient lighting kit installed. Add a touch of class to your dashboard, your trim and even the doors.Ambient lighting can make any car look like a top of the range Mercedes interior. Take your car to the next level, whether it’s a Ford or even if it’s already a Mercedes. Your interior will ooze class and be the difference between your car and the next car. Strips in your door trim lighting it up with bright colours, pink, blue, we can even offer colour changing trim. Lighting strips on the dashboard trim, no more boring colours where two bits of the interior meet, make your entire interior zing. Speak to us to to hear how we can make your car pop."

footwell lighting


"Make your car look classy and show off your creps. Have you noticed how all the top cars light up their footwells when the door opens? Why should your car be any different.Yes, you can choose the colour of your footwell lights, yes, you can control them via a mobile app, and yes, the lights can react to the songs you are playing! You don’t only need to have footwell lights when the doors are opened, you can have them whenever you want. It’s time you took your interior to the next level. Speak to us about footwell lighting for your car."

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