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Vehicle Security

"Protect your car, protect your property within the car, don’t let someone leave with your pride and joy.
TJ Mods are here to secure your car."


ghost alarm


"Worried about key cloning or your vehicle being stolen from your driveway? Worry no more, the Ghost alarm has you covered! Ghost car alarms are the market leading car alarm. Simply put, they are the best car alarm in the market. They protect against your keys being cloned and the car stolen, they protect against thieves bypassing your ECU and starting the car, and best of all, even if a thief does get your car keys, they still won’t be able to start your car. Yes, you heard that right, they can’t even steal your car with the key. So how does it work? You have a pin code for your Ghost alarm. We don’t mean a set of numbers. The Ghost alarm is invisible, it uses buttons already in your car e.g. the electric windows. Press the right combination and you’ll be able to drive your car.
Speak to us about protecting your car. "



"Immobilisers stop a car from being stolen unless the immobiliser is switched off. This removes the possibility of having your car hot wired and significantly reduces the chance of theft.We can sell



"Worried about your car being stolen? It’s your pride and joy, if it ever does get stolen a tracker allows you to know where it is at all times. Dude, where’s my car? That film would not have existed had they installed a tracker. A tracker allows you to know where your car is at any time.
Nobody wants their car to be stolen, but if it is, one of the main problems is it can be taken out of the country quickly. With a tracker that’s less of a problem because you know exactly where it is and your car can be successfully recovered. This is especially important for supercars, classic cars that are irreplaceable or cars with sentimental value. Start tracking your car today.

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We work with a variety of top class suppliers as well as some cheaper alternatives so we can service any budget. You can see on our Facebook and Instagram pages that we have worked on a wide variety of cars from a Mercedes Benz through to an Aston Martin.

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