Window Tinting

"Whether you want dark tints or chameleon tints, we can help.  Proper Mods is London’s premier Window Tinting Service. We use the leading industry suppliers and are fully accredited. We offer a variety of films to fit any budget."

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Window Tinting near me?

"Proper Mods is the best car modification workshop in East London. Based in Ilford we have been tinting windows for over 15 years. We can provide the top window tinting brands, or cheaper alternative window tinting films if price is your main goal. We can tint the side windows and the back windows up to 25% depending on the age of the car (due to the law).

We have tinted many varieties of car, although not all are shown on our website, you can find more on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have a specific car you are interested in seeing with tints, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to find an example of a car we have worked on.


A white Mercedes with full window tints

Window Tinting

Improve both your privacy and the privacy of the possessions in your car with stylish window tinting.We are a fully accredited supplier and offer a variety of films to fit any budget. With over 15 years in industry we are one of the longest running Window Tinting shops in Essex and East London… so you know you can rely on us.

A black Audi A5 window tinted and wrapped in Matte black

Front Window Tinting

We can tint front windscreens with a chameleon tint. Named because the tint will change colours based on the conditions.  Lighting, angle of view, and temperature can all affect how this tint looks.  Furthermore you can get it in a variety of colours, orange, blue or purple.

A Mercedes A class that has had it's windows tinted.

Full car Window Tinting

Want to have the rest of your car window tinted?  No problems, we can tint your full car. 

A front windscreen window tint

Side Windows

The ultimate for privacy, tint those side windows so people can't see you as they drive past.  This can be done individually of the front and back windscreens or you can include them and get the whole car done.